Custom Kitkat Rom For Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI) N5100XXCMI1 CM 11

Install Custom Kitkat ROM for Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI) GT-N5100 N5100XXCMI1 Android 4.2.2 CM 11. This ROM (Custom Kitkat) is specially design for Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI) GT-N5100 N5100XXCMI1 . We do not only provide you the update of ROM related to Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI) GT-N5100 but alway we will give you complete step by step guide of how to install Custom Kitkat ROM for Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI) GT-N5100 N5100XXCMI1 Android 4.2.2 .

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Update Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI) N5100XXCMI1 Android 4.2.2

Our method of installing ROM on Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI) GT-N5100 is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Do not worry We have provided you a complete tutorial below

If you need further information related to the ROM, Root and firmware update then visit our following pages

1) Firmware List

2) ROM List

3) Root List


This is a warning from Android Jinni that this Guide / tutorial is only for Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI) GT-N5100 only. Please do not try this guide in any other Android devices it will work only with Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI) GT-N5100. First you need to check your device model number in: Settings » About (there you find your device name). And also note that we are not responsible for any damage caused due to the instruction given in this page. Try this at your own risk. If you follow our instructions as it is which is stated below, it is very unlikely that your device will be damaged and above of all your Smartphone must be factory unlocked.

How to Take Complete Backup of your Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI) GT-N5100

Before installing ROM on your Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI) GT-N5100 N5100XXCMI1 you need to take backup your GT-N5100. For this I have made a tutorial for how to take complete backup of Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI) GT-N5100, so that it I easier for you to take a backup. Please follow the guide carefully so that you can backup or restore Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI) GT-N5100 and important data. This is a necessary step before doing anything to your Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI) GT-N5100


1. First you need to enable the Debugging mode on your Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI) GT-N5100 . (See how to Enable USB Debugging)

2. You can find your USB Drive for Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI) GT-N5100 and other useful downloads from here (Download all Android devices USB drivers)

3. You must have at least 70 % battery life remaining. (See how to check your battery percentage)

After following the above steps please follow this Link for complete step by step tutorial on how to take complete back of your phone

ROM warning

Before going to ROM you device we want to inform you that after rooting your device your handset’s warranty will get voided. But no need to worry about it because we have a solution that we can reclaim by applying the official firmware update .

How to install ROM or Custom ROM on Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI) GT-N5100 N5100XXCMI1

Installing Rom on your phone meaning installing Gapps ( Google Apps) or CyanogenMod on your device . And custom ROM means some other developer makes an Apps + feature package for the selected device.

Before going through this tutorial please take complete backup of your phone.

Their way of installing ROM and Custom ROM is same you just need that file. We assume that you have your ROM file if not then check our ROM list to download your ROM File.

Or Download Google Apps (Gapps)

Download Now Custom Kitkat ROM for Galaxy Note 8.0 (3G/WIFI) GT-N5100 CM 11

So here is a step by step tutorial on how to ROM your device.

  1. You need to download ROM File. I hope you got it from the above link.
  2. Now connect your Device to PC via USB Cable (Link for USB drivers )
  3. Now copy that downloaded zip file into your SD card. Don’t extract any file.
  4. Disconnect USB and then turn off your phone.
  5. Now put your device in Recovery Mode. (Volume Up + Power buttons) or (Recovery Mode using an app.)
  6. Now wipe the user data , then wipe cache partition and then from advance, wipe dalvik cache.
  7. Now go into choosing a file from storage.
  8. Browse into internal storage where you pasted the ROM / Google app zip file and select it.
  9. If you want to install Gapps after ROM do it again from step no 5 and this time select Gapps file and restart it

Universal Method of installing ROM on any android device

Looking for more? Yeah you can visit our Rooting file directory or Firmware File directory and Google Gapps.

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