Update SCH-R530C R530CVVUCMK3 Android 4.3

Latest Firmware update of SCH-R530C SCH-R530C R530CVVUCMK3 Android 4.3 is now released for CRIN/a users. So you can download R530CVVUCMK3 for SCH-R530C. CRIN/a users got updates through OTA (Over the Air) so they simply update it with the help of Software update option under Phone setting.  

How to check Firmware information

You need to check your SCH-R530C SCH-R530C notification panel or connect it to your computer and run KIES to verify the availability of new firmware versions for your SCH-R530C SCH-R530C.

Check your device current firmware information by,

Model Number: Go to Settings > About > Model Number

Example: SCH-R530C

Android Version: Go to Settings > About > Android Version

Example: Android 4.3

Product Code: Type Keypad > *2767*4387264636# E

Example: SCH-R530C

Firmware Versions: TypwKeypad > *#1234#


PDA: ********

PHONE: ********

CSC: ********

Kernel Version: Setting > About > Kernel Version

This Latest Firmware ( R530CVVUCMK3 ) update has been released earlier today and you can now be able to enjoy all the features of SCH-R530C SCH-R530C. The update Firmware files have only been made available for SCH-R530C SCH-R530C (CRIN/a users).

If case you missed out or if you really want to update your SCH-R530C to R530CVVUCMK3 you need to follow our manual method of updating firmware.

Here is specification of Firmware

Model: Samsung SCH-R530C


OS Version: Android 4.3

So here is our complete tutorial on how to Update SCH-R530C SCH-R530C to R530CVVUCMK3 Android 4.3 . Follow the complete method for the safest firmware update


This is a warning from Android Jinni that this Guide / tutorial is only for SCH-R530C SCH-R530C only. Please do not try this guide in any other Android devices it will work only with SCH-R530C SCH-R530C. First you need to check your device model number in: Settings ยป About (there you find your device name). And also note that we are not responsible for any damage caused due to the instruction given in this page. Try this at your own risk. If you follow our instructions as it is which is stated below, it is very unlikely that your device will be damaged and above of all your Smartphone must be factory unlocked.


How to update SCH-R530C SCH-R530C R530CVVUCMK3 Android 4.3



1) Take a complete backup of your device See how to .

2) Download Firmware file (Link given at the end of the post)  

3) Follow our complete tutorial on how to update firmware of your phone manually  

5) Visit our Firmware Database to for more firmware file  


Download Firmware:

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